[Part-2] How to build SQL Server Failover Cluster Lab on Windows 8   2 comments

Ok! Now we have our 3 VM’s Machine ready to ROCK… 🙂 So lets proceed with the next step.

As stated in last post, we will learn following things in this part.

– Create a domain controller  (To know more about DC read this technet)

– Create a Domain

– Assign an static IP to your “Domain Controller”

– Enable and configure DHCP Server

1) Go to your first VM which you named as “Domain Controller”  in this machine go to Start – > Run and run command dcpromo.exe


2) Wait while the Active Directory screen comes, click on Next and you will get below screen.


3) Select Deployment Configuration, select “Create a new domain in new forest” Reason we already know it is new and first domain we are creating 🙂


4) Give a name to your domain I gave name “manishlab.com”


5) Set Forest Function Level to 2008/R2 as per your OS configuration in my case in was Windows Server 2008 R2


6)  In Additional Domain Controller Option select “DNS Server”


7) A dialog box will appear that says that a delegation for this DNS server cannot be created because the authoritative parent zone cannot be found or it does not run Windows DNS server, no need to worry click on “Yes”


8) Let the logs go in this location click on “Next”


9) Give a password to domain Administrator account, this is the account you will use to manage your VM’s and login to domain controller.


10)  Now we are almost ready to create our Domain, hit Next here.


11) Relax it will take some time to configure.


12)  Finally we are done with our AD!!


So our first mission is over next is we have to add DHCP server role so that we can communicate with client machines with out any issues. but before doing this we need to have a static IP on this server, so please assign static IP to your DC.

Note: its not necessary to give the same ip you can give your range as well


 Now its time to go for DHCP Server, remember this is Windows Server 2008 R2 and its a role on the server so you need to go to  Server Manager,

1) Click on Roles and in the right hand side click on “Add Role”


2) In the below screen select DHCP Server


3) Click Next.


4) Now if you don’t create a static IP you will receive an error here due to this reason i was telling to assign this ip, you will see the same IP here. Hit Next now.


5) Give your same domain name which you created earlier.


6) Add scope in this step


7)  Leave it as it is and move next


8) click on Install and yes we are done!!!


We are done Yahoo!!! you did a great job pet your back!!!

We have one last part remaining is to add other 2 VM’s in this domain so that they can communicate with each other.

To do this login to your 2nd VM which you named it as NODE 1 and go to my computer property .> click on Change Settings and and Change Again, check the screen below.

Note: it will prompt you for password here you will have to give the “yourDomain\Administrator” account and password to confirm!!


The moment you hit ok it will prompt you for login password, give the “manishlab\Administrator” and password. Now it will ask for the restart, after restart login with your Domain\Administrator account and your machine is in Domain now!!

Follow the above step again to add NODE 2 as well in Domain.

Great!! now we have 3 machines added in domain “manishlab.com” and can communicate to each other.

Before I end this blog just wanted to tell, since this was new for me as well so diffidently i would have hit some issues as well, during my first setup i hit below errors while adding 2 nodes in domain and i thought of sharing that as well so that it can help you as well, in case you get the same.

error code 0x000005B4 ERROR_TIMEOUT  “This operation returned because the timeout period expired”

Resolution: This error was because i did not configure DHCP server on the domain controller when i installed DHCP this error went away.

error code 0x00002746 WSAECONNREST  “An existing connection was forcible closed by the remote host”

Resolution: This error was coming because i had wrong ip range i used range and when i changed it to it started working like charm!!

error code 0x0000232A RCODE_SERVER_FAILURE ” The DNS servers used by this computer contain incorrect root hints. This computer is configured to use DNS servers with the following IP addresses:″

Resolution: As you can see from the error message itself, this was because i had one more DC installed and this VM was pointing to that DNS.

That’s it for now….

Its time to signoff for today!! wait for some time for my next post, in that post we will start the steps for which this blog intended for…

Till then good bye and stay tuned!!

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