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When we setup this blog, we didn’t know that this very first post will be so popular that it will alone have one-third of the total views on the site, that it will rank# 1 in the major search engines (as of today), see here and here. And we didn’t know that it has been **two wonderful years**, it just feels like yesterday that we setup this blog. Time flies! J

Yes, we are celebrating two years of http://sqlactions.com today, April 15th 2014. On behalf of the authors of sqlactions Manish, Karthic and Prashant, we would like to thank all our blog readers for the continued support. The increased no. of site views and followers, the technical discussion thru blog comments and some readers contacting us for their urgent productions issues… all have been phenomenal in the past two years.

As we go on this journey of SQL Server, we promise to publish the same quality blogs, covering more topics, latest versions and more of video blogs. If there is any special topic you would like us to blog about, please feel free to contact us.

To cherish the moment, here are top 10 blogs on sqlactions.com which were most viewed and most popular so far.

  1. Collection and Reporting of Perfmon data for SQL Server “Capacity Planning” and “Trend Analysis”
  2. Automated Reports for SQL Server Perfmon data
  3. How to create custom schedule for SQL Server Agent Job
  4. A read operation on a large object failed while sending data to the client
  5. SQL Agent Job reports error “SQLServerAgent is not currently running ” Though Agent Service is running
  6. Part-1 How to build SQL Server Failover Cluster Lab on Windows 8 – Also see part-2 and part-3
  7. DBCC MEMORYSTATUS : How is Stolen Potential calculated
  8. Latch Timeout: To worry or not to?
  9. Simple backup Strategy for Distribution database
  10. [Part-1]Let’s drill why you “Cannot generate SSPI context” – Also see part-2

Happy reading!!


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