Learn n Win : Presenting on “SQL Server Dump Analysis” at PASS DBA Virtual Chapter   6 comments

pass_vc_dba_logoI am excited to be speaking at PASS DBA Virtual Chapter on Wednesday Jan 14th. Here is the topic, abstract and schedule of the session:


While dealing with SQL Server administration, you might have come across scenarios when a  session terminates abruptly, SQL Server instance crashes, SQL Server cluster fails over without a  graceful message. Most often, it leaves a dump file behind which is unfortunately not in a human readable format. In this one hour session, you will learn the basics of a dump file, the tools available for reading thru a dump, the different types of dumps and demos on various debugger commands, how to analyze a dump file to establish the root cause.

DateJanuary 14th 12:00 noon Mountain time (click here to see it in your local time)

If you are a SQL Server DBA willing to dig into dump files which you can’t read just like you read the ERRORLOG, come and join us on this Wednesday Jan 14th to find the exciting stuff. This is a FREE session, you just need to be a member of PASS in order to register. You also stand a chance to win a $100 gift card from Amazon once you register for the session. The winner will be declared through a draw.

Registration: You must register if you want to attend. You can register here

We already have a number of registrants. Hurry up and do share and tweet about this.

See you on Wednesday!
Happy learning!!

6 responses to “Learn n Win : Presenting on “SQL Server Dump Analysis” at PASS DBA Virtual Chapter

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  1. Great webinar. I had to duck out early as it went over time – will you be making the slides and apendices available?

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  3. Dear Sir- Amazing video on WinDBG. Many many thanks !

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