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Getting SQL server’s data into sys logs:   Leave a comment

One of our clients had enabled C2 auditing on SQL server and as a result the logs are generated in trace file format at the specified location. As per our client’s requirement the output of the trace file should be stored in the sys logs (in the Event logs) or SQL server error logs. So we used the following method to get the SQL server data in to the sys logs:

1. Created a table(audit table) to store the output of a trace file

CREATE TABLE c2audit (Complete varchar(8000))

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Posted June 7, 2012 by CK in T-SQL

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Simple backup Strategy for Distribution database   3 comments

We know that the Distribution databases can be backed up. But when we want to restore a distribution database to live environment from a backup, the distribution database might be missing transactions that were committed at the Publisher but have not yet been delivered to Subscribers. What happens then? Remove the replication configuration from the Publisher, Distributor and Subscribers, re-create the configuration and reinitialize the subscriptions? Things get complex if we have more data and multiple subscribers.

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Posted May 17, 2012 by CK in Disaster Recovery

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