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Powershell script to manipulate SQL Server backup files   Leave a comment


I use Ola Hallengren’s famous backup solution to back up my SQL Server databases. The destination for full backups is a directory on local disk; let’s say D:\SQLBackup\

If you are familiar with Ola’s backup scripts, you know the full path for backup file looks something like:


where InstanceName is a placeholder for the name of the SQL server instance, similarly, DatabaseName is for the Database Name. Read the rest of this entry »

SQL Litespeed Backup hung with wait type PREEMPTIVE_OS_REPORTEVENT   3 comments

Today I came across one more issue which was happening frequently in customer’s environment. Here is the brief background about the same.

DBA’s are complaining that Litespeed backups are going into hung state very often and they need to restart the SQL Server to get this issue  fixed and problem is happening often on critical servers . Hence we decided to take a close look on what is happening and why recently this issue happening so often.

When we started troubleshooting first question that came to our mind is,  how DBA’s reached to the conclusion that  backup is hung.  As per DBA’s customer has critical application hosted and they are taking regular log backup on that server. Suddenly they noticed that there is a blocking on the server also they got an alert for TLOG backup failure.

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SQL Server 2008 backup hung on a strange wait PREEMPTIVE_CLUSAPI_CLUSTERRESOURCECONTROL   Leave a comment

This is another interesting case where SQL Server 2008 backup appears to be hung. The client reported that he has a maintenance plan to take full backup of all the user databases. Apparently backup for some of the databases succeed while for some other the backup just ‘hangs’. At times, SQL Server reports non-yielding scheduler and generates a stack dump as well.

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