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Query Store: Exploring new features in SQL Server – vNext   1 comment

Troubleshooting performance problem is one of the challenging and most often faced situation in DBA’s life. Following diagram shows three major scenarios where DBA’s get involved and spend nights troubleshooting performance problems.

Note: This is with community technical preview 2 of SQL Server 2016, things may change with the RTM release


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How it Works – “LogPool”   1 comment

Hello all,

Today I would like to discuss about one of the new enhancements done in SQL Server 2012 called LogPool.

Before we get into the details, let me try to explain how does the log flush occur in SQL Server. When a record is inserted or modified in a database, it is first copied into the log buffer in memory, these log buffers are like log blocks of different size (512 B to 60 KB). When this buffer is full or a commit is issued these log blocks are flushed to the transaction log. Read the rest of this entry »