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SQL Server health check using PowerShell and T-SQL   15 comments

I am back with another interesting blog which hopefully the production DBAs would find more useful. We often have the need to capture aggregated data related to SQL Server health which can not only be captured quickly but also be able to customize as per the requirements.

We have many tools available to capture the performance data but it mostly has some data lag and does not tell us what’s currently running on the system.

Since last few days, I have been working on a script based solution which helps us to perform quick health check of our production instance to resolve any production issue with this blog, I intend to share the solution as I have found it quite useful Read the rest of this entry »

Strange errors with SQL Server 2008 setup   Leave a comment

This is a quick post to let you know about two strange errors I recently encountered during SQL Server 2008 setup and the steps on how to resolve them.


1.    Installation of SQL Server client tools (SSMS) fails with this error message:



SSMS error

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How do I login to SQL Server from different domain without logon rights   5 comments

SQL Agent Job reports error “SQLServerAgent is not currently running ” Though Agent Service is running   5 comments

Hello Friends,

Hope you are enjoying our blog.

Today i am going to share one more examples of real troubleshooting where customer comes with an issue but when we actually found the root cause it turns out to be completely different all together from what we expected. To know more, look at how we worked on this issue and most amazing thing was how we resolved this one.

According to the customer when he was starting SQL Server Agent service it started successfully with status “service started successfully” but when we are running any jobs it was throwing below error.
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Unable to login to SQL Server instance from Management Studio   6 comments

Posted October 22, 2012 by Manish Upadhyay in SSMS, Tools

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